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The movements of Ki Aikido are the gentlest of any Aikido style, yet when mastered, they are extremely powerful.   Human ability is like an iceberg, the small, visible portion of the iceberg represents our body.  The unseen portion lying beneath the surface is our mind, which is boundless.


Ki Aikido practitioners use the potential discovered when mind and body are unified to lead the attacker's mind to a peaceful resolution of conflict.

Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido is not a martial art with the goal of defeating your opponent.   Its purpose is to develop mind and body unification through studying the principle that mind moves body. 


By experiencing the flow of KI within the body, you can produce movement that is both powerful, relaxed and beautiful. The principle of avoiding conflict helps to develop your personality and will be effective in other situations in your life. Age and physical ability are no handicap to studying Ki-Aikido and it is an art well suited to women as strength is not required and there is no competition within the style.


Among the techniques of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, you'll find Hitori-waza (single-person technique), Kumi-waza (paired technique), and Tsuzuki-waza  (continuously executed technique) together with exercises developed by  Koichi Tohei Sensei and Yoskigasaki Sensei for understanding and developing Ki.


Also in Ki Aikido you learn to use the Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (staff).   Through the simple fact that you are holding a weapon in your hand and by learning how to use the weapon, you learn to develop unification of mind and body. By learning Aikido techniques correctly, you also learn how to maintain correct posture, how to relax and how to stay calm in a crisis.


We also practice Kenkodo - the way of health, a set of disciplines which include :-


Kokyuho – breathing method

Seizaho – meditation method

Kenkotaiso – method of exercising your own body

Sotaiho – method of exercising another person’s body

Teateho – method of placing hands


Our goal is to study KI through the physical practice of a martial art. By studying physically, you learn true mind and body unification. You not only learn Aikido techniques, but you learn to apply KI to all aspects of life.



Learning Ki Aikido from Angus Lyall on Vimeo.

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